Jean le Roi by Delsa 2016 Bridal Collection

Jean le Roi by Delsa 2016 Wedding Dress

Designed by Maria Cristina Craglia, inspired by a dream of creating something unique for brides. Produce hundreds of garments, but each is unique and the result of the creative act behind it. The Jean le Roi collection is specially designed for confident, style-conscious women who are looking for something different and original, created with luxurious materials such as tulle, organza, rebrode and organdi lace, feminine silhouettes and beautiful embroidering.

Naeem Khan Spring 2016 Bridal Collection

Naeem Khan Spring 2016 Wedding Dress

Naeem Khan is an Indian-American fashion designer based in New York, he immersed himself in the ethos of modern restraint and learned the craft of draping and cutting fabric to create a clean, elegant and timeless silhouette. Luxurious tulle, satin, intricate threadwork, floral motif, delicate beading, French blue rose print silk, silk organza, luxurious silk bazaar and delicate embroidery just a few of the details that makes this Naeem Khan spring 2016 bridal collection absolutely stunning.

Oscar de la Renta Spring 2016 Bridal Collection

Oscar de la Renta Spring 2016 Wedding Dress

Its almost year since Oscar de la Renta sadly passed and the line’s new creative director, Peter Copping, conceived a bridal collection true to the late Oscar de la Renta’s elegant and timeless style with his debut Spring 2016 Bridal Collection. Peter created an absolutely beautiful piece bridal collection, including flower girl dresses and fun tea-length dresses, combining modern elements with very feminine, sophisticated silhouettes, floral embroideries, lace embellishments and tulle.

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Colour Nude 2016 Bridal Collection

Colour Nude 2016 Wedding Dress

Spanish brand Colour Nude, designed by Carmen Osuna, specialized in evening dresses, bridal dresses, and sport chic clothing. It pays special attention to detail and high end finishes, with patterns and dressmaking techniques inherited from Haute Couture Ateliers. The Colour Nude 2016 Bridal Collection is especially designed for confident, style-conscious women who are looking for something different and original, created with luxurious materials such as silks, laces, embroidered gauze, sequins, beads and metallic embroidered details.

Netta BenShabu 2016 Bridal Collection

Netta BenShabu 2016 Wedding Dress

In the making of every gown the focus is on high quality materials and premium level finishes every model is crafted with an eye for details, the cut the silhouette all designed to fit the female form. All Netta’s gowns have never fallen nothing short of perfection. Netta BenShabu embody the grace, chic and glamorous touch of romance, just what you need for the perfect exit to the altar on the most important day of every bride.

Alma Novia 2016 Bridal Collection

Alma Novia 2016 Wedding Dress

Alma Novia 2016 bridal collection features straight lines and cutting fluids, rhinestones and much tulle, both voluminous skirts, composed of thousands of layers, feminine silhouettes & amazing embroidering. Traditional silhouettes, Mikado designs, princess cut, straight design with overlapping lines, Beautiful halter necklines that expose the shoulders, illusion necklines, dropped shoulders and a long strapless neckline and just a little bit of texture made for a fall collection that’s decidedly feminine and effortlessly elegant.

Claudio DI Mari 2016 Bridal Collection

Claudio DI Mari 2016 Wedding Dress

The Claudio DI Mari 2016 Bridal Collection is especially designed for confident, style-conscious women who are looking for something different and original, created with luxurious fabrics such as silks, laces, duvet organza, chiffon along with macrame feminine silhouettes and hand embroidering. Each dress in the collection embodies a unique style that makes the collection flow effortlessly, filled with intricate details that range of netting necklines to embroidered lace overlays.

Georges Hobeika 2016 Bridal Collection

Georges Hobeika 2016 Wedding Dress

Lebanese fashion designer, Georges Hobeika carried ready to wear, couture line, signature and bridal collection and also presented his unique and exclusive collection in fashion week. “In 2016, the Georges Hobeika Bride is a vision of romance refined by elegance. She is softness in a silhouette of sophistication.

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Elisabetta Delogu 2016 Bridal Collection

Elisabetta Delogu 2016 Wedding Dress

The collection is especially designed for confident, style-conscious women who are looking for something different and original, created with luxurious materials such as delicate organza, silk, lace light, brocade, damask, silks, impalpable silk Shantung and precious hand embroidery. The Elisabetta Delogu 2016 Bridal Collection is unique, and focus attention on quality fabrics and the impeccable tailoring. Each dress tells a story, made of expressive details and fairylike touches.

Ti Adora by Alvina Valenta Spring 2016 Bridal Collection

Ti Adora by Alvina Valenta Spring 2016 Wedding Dress

Ti Adora by Alvina Valenta spring 2016 bridal collection, features Chantilly lace, draped crinkle chiffon, georgette, sheath, cashmere English net, delicate beading and feminine silhouettes. Playing with soft fabrics and lace combinations, luxe embroideries and inspired silhouettes, designer Jessica Williams approaches ti adora as a love affair of the romantic free spirit, offering her signature of detailed, feminine artisanship with a twist of cool and carefree styling.

Amanda Wyatt 2016 Bridesmaid Collection

Amanda Wyatt 2016 Bridesmaid Dress

A leading name in British bridal for over 20 years, Amanda is known for unique and fabulous fit styles. The quality and palette of fabrics used in the Platinum range is second to none, the fabrics include the use of tulle and silk backed satins, vintage style French laces, crepe de chene and a fairy-tale of shimmering silks and taffetas.

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Claire Pettibone Fall 2016 Bridal Collection

 Claire Pettibone Fall 2016 Wedding Dress
Claire Pettibone Fall 2016 bridal collection entitled “The Gilded Age.” This fall collection is all about encompassing the imagination and artistry of a bygone era, alluding to a dream world where beauty reigns. Exquisite embroidery, heirloom fabrics, gold embellishments and pearl details were modernized with unexpected pops of black and pink, and formal silhouettes were juxtaposed with scalloped hemlines and light tulle overlays.

David Purves 2016 Bridal Collection

David Purves 2016 Wedding Dress

Scottish born designer David Purves, offers absolutely stunning dresses model with a unique know-how in order to be perfect for the happiest day of his life. The designer’s beautiful and dramatic new bridal collection features silks of Lyon, Calais lace, silk gauze, trimmings of Saint-Etienne and embroidered motifs.

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Daughters Of Simone 2016 Under Your Spell Bridal Collection

Daughters Of Simone 2016 Wedding Dress
Bridal label Daughters Of Simone is known for, full of the vintage, bohemian inspired gowns. Daughters Of Simone 2016 bridal collection inspired by the Bob Dylan song “Under Your Spell”. The “Under Your Spell” collection is specially designed for confident, style-conscious women who are looking for something different and original, created with luxurious materials such as blended crochet laces, matte satin and soft chiffon.

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Kelly Faetanini Fall 2016 Bridal Collection

Kelly Faetanini Fall 2016 Wedding Dress

Kelly Faetanini‘s Fall 2016 collection takes inspiration from that feeling of mystery and explores the depths beyond the supernatural. Sumptuous fabrics were the essence of the collection, features Chantilly lace, silk mikado, organza, satin, silk Shantung, feminine silhouettes and color transforming blush embroidery.

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Houghton Spring 2016 Bridal Collection

Houghton Spring 2016 Wedding Dress

Designed by Katharine Polk, Houghton spring 2016 bridal collection is inspired by the spirit and aesthetic of a gypsy bohemian bride, the worldly ’70s-esque. Using only the finest fabrics such as silk, chiffons, crochets, delicate embroideries, floral motifs, leather, exquisite French laces cashmeres and light wools, these gowns are executed with impeccable attention to detail.

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Beautiful Collection : Enzoani 2016 Wedding Dresses

Enzoani 2016 Wedding Dress

Refreshingly redefined, the 2016 Beautiful collection boasts the enduring elegance of the Enzoani brand in an affordable package that maintains the highest in product quality. Featuring Chantilly lace, illusion tulle, thin chiffon, spaghetti straps, lustrous beaded appliqué, luxurious mikado, horsehair hem and feminine silhouettes.

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Franc Sarabia 2016 Wedding Dresses

Franc Sarabia is one of the top names in the bridal wear sector. Franc Sarabia presents this season a bridal collection with a graceful drape for a romantic and trendy bride. With bare backs and jewel overlays, Franc Sarabia wedding dresses are unique pieces very feminine of great value.

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Marie Laporte 2016 Bridal Collection

Marie Laporte 2016 Wedding Dress
Marie well known for her stereotypes, starched lines, and bohemian spirit wedding dresses. The 2016 bridal collection is especially designed for confident, style-conscious women who are looking for something different and original, created with luxurious fabrics such as Chantilly lace or Calais, organza, silk satin, chiffon, feminine silhouettes and intricate detailing.

Alon Livne 2016 Bridal Collection

Alon Livne 2016 Wedding Dress
Inspired by the glamour, elegance and precision of the 19th Century world of Russian ballet. Alon Livne is known for creating molded wedding dresses stuffed with complex handwork and eye-catching information, shown within this season’s line of edgy cuts and one-of-a-kind embroidering.

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Saja Bridal 2016 Wedding Dresses

Saja Bridal 2016 Wedding Dress
Yoo Lee is known for its non-traditional ethereal robe de jour and robe du soir, creating wedding dresses that are full of her signature mark of graceful simplicity. The Yoo Lee’s beautiful and dramatic new 2016 bridal collection features off white silk chiffon, polyester tulle, eggshell silk Charmeuse, glass beading, silk organza, tulle, tracery-like embroidery and easy fits that will guarantee a smooth, comfortable wedding day.

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